Queen Bee Hair Salon offers beaded, sewn-in extensions, done with hand-tied hair. The technique is completely customized depending on your current hair and your desired end result.

Rachael an Paloma are certified in multiple methods included, but not limited to: Natural Beaded Rows and SKW Extensions. We are not affiliated with any one brand or method, as we have spent countless hours researching and practicing multiple techniques to ensure the best result for YOUR hair.


Queen Bee Extensions are created to be a seamless, blended, custom colored extension just for you!

Now Offering Hand Tied Extensions

Now Offering Hand Tied Extensions

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Queen Bee Hand Tied Extensions apply safe and simple techniques that uses micro beads, causing less damage than a traditional extension install. Installation is fast, with equally fast removal. The process involves sewing multiple pieces of hair together and attaching the row to the head using a bead and string. These methods are great for different hair textures and for a look that is beautiful and customizable. Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks. Queen Bee is certified in multiple methods of hand-tied hair extensions.

The Least Damaging Method

Queen Bee Hand Tied Extensions are a mix of beaded row extensions and have minimal points of contact meaning less stress and damage on your hair! 

Wear It How You 

Want It

Queen Bee Hand Tied Extensions are intended to fit your lifestyle. Wear it curled, straight, wavy, up or braided and never worry about your extensions showing.

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